Kelly Batson

Kelly Batson

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Kelly Batson joins the Mark Batson Group, enriching the team with a wealth of sales and marketing expertise. Kelly consistently ranked within the top performers nationally with numerous sales excellence awards, MVP and The Exemplary Career Sales Award (Cornerstone Club). However, her biggest and most rewarding career accomplishment, thus far, is the tens of thousands of people Kelly has gotten screened to fight cancer. It’s always about the people/customers first. As a Wilmington resident for more than three decades, Kelly possesses an unmatched insight into the local market dynamics, particularly in the realm of coastal properties.

Central to Kelly’s real estate philosophy is her unwavering commitment to clear communication and a profound understanding of her clients' unique needs. Every transaction under her guidance is marked by efficiency and a laser-focused dedication to client satisfaction. Rooted in the spirit of community and collaboration, Kelly draws inspiration from her deep ties to Wilmington, reflecting her unwavering dedication as a proud resident. Renowned for her exceptional communication skills, Kelly has a remarkable ability to make each client feel singularly valued, providing them with personalized attention. With a visionary eye for interior design, she effortlessly uncovers the untapped potential of every property she encounters.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Kelly finds profound joy in her roles as a devoted wife and mother of three. Whether navigating the waters or orchestrating transactions in the real estate arena, she infuses her endeavors with an equal measure of enthusiasm and leadership, leaving an indelible mark on both her career and family life.


Specializing in waterfront properties, including the communities of Landfall, Figure Eight, and Wrightsville Beach; his clientele include current and former CEO's and families from major metropolitan markets in North Carolina and the Northeast.

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