Color Trends For 2020 Inspire Wellness

Palette #1: Alive 

The first palette is being called “Alive” by the forecasters. This palette is deepening and enriching, taking those eye-catching accent tones and turning them into luxurious  background finishes intended to echo mindful living and natural surroundings and the organic living of vibrant fruits and vegetables. It’s body-consciousness and mindfulness in rich blues and ripe, dark olives.

Palette #2: Mantra

The Mantra palette is soft, in a more neutral range with a balance of warm and cool tones, intended to imbue a pastel calm without being boring. We can see this palette featuring well throughout the design and commercial industry thanks to its neutral versatility; calm, cool spaces that don’t overwhelm.

Palette #3: Play

By design, this is the most eye-catching of the palettes for the colour trends in 2020. The Play palette is all about adding pops of colour; escaping the seriousness of a design by having a laugh. This is where the accent walls are still clinging on! Some of the most interesting implementations are in colour blocking – contrasting an accent wall with a dramatic sofa or sideboard. It’s certainly not an approach for every room, but where so many of the palettes could be trending towards the subtle, these options will be great where you’re looking to add a little levity. Bright pink, aqua and gold are all about bringing joy to a space.

Palette #4: Haven

Haven is all about nature, but again – as with so much of next year’s palettes – there’s a gentle subtlety to the shades inspired by sea, sand, forest, and sky. It’s all about organic, natural elements, giving a more muted counterpart to the Alive palette.

Palette #5: Heart

And the last palette – Heart – rounds off the mindfulness theme for the year. These silky, neutral, organic tones pair well with the more open feeling of the Haven set, but here drawing themselves in and around you with clove, soft coral and earth tones that give a more insulated and soothing effect. These are the “snuggle” tones you want to wrap around yourself to escape life’s hubbub.


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