The secret’s out: Wilmington a top spot for people looking to relocate

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - New Yorker Brian Kobus and his girlfriend have crash-landed in Wilmington for a job opportunity. Not a bad gig — looking over a city, labeled #1 for inbound moves in all of the U.S.

A recent study done by United Van Lines places the Port City at the top spot when it comes to inbound moves. North Carolina, as a whole, ranking number six in the top 10 states for inbound residents.

Natalie English, the president and CEO of the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce, says Wilmington has long been a remote, work-from-home kind of location, because of the lifestyle it offers. The pandemic is now magnifying the need to chart the trend and market it.

“There are some things rolling out in 2021 that will enhance our economic development opportunities,” says English. “Not only with our current partners in the recruitment business, but also our partners looking at entrepreneurial opportunities.”

Small business owner David Rishel is a prime example. He brings to Wilmington decades of restaurant experience in Ohio and New York City.

“As you know, COVID was rough on New York,” says Rishel. “Professionally, I found myself lost and floundering.”

Rishel moved to Wilmington, and with his business partner, opened up the Cheese Board in the City Market along Water Street.


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